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Colorful stone permeable floor
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​1.When in the rain can reduce the burden of urban drainage facilities, prevent river flooding and pollution。
2.It can make rainwater quickly penetrate into the ground, reduce groundwater, and maintain soil moisture。
3.Prevent large areas of water on the road, no reflection at night, and increase the safety and comfort of people traveling on the road。
4.Adjust the temperature and humidity of the urban space, improve the urban heat cycle, and alleviate the heat island effect。
5.The porous structure can reduce the road noise when the vehicle is running and create a comfortable living environment。
6.A large number of voids can absorb urban dust and reduce dust pollution。
7.Easy to clean, maintain, do not have to worry about the problem of pore blocking。
8.The corresponding pattern can be designed according to the drawings to fully integrate with the surrounding environment。
       The raw materials used in adhesive stone pavement are non-toxic, environmental protection, natural color, elegant and generous, environmental protection and economy, and are new materials needed for the development of sponge cities。Among them, adhesive stone is made of imported special glue and natural colored stone by special process. It has the characteristics of solid and beautiful, natural color and not easy to fade. It is a novel art landscape paving material。
       Adhesive stone has ecological, permeable, breathable and better anti-slip functional surface, environmental protection, non-toxic, no radiation, no environmental pollution, suitable for the current sponge city development needs, is a breathing ecological ground。
1, green environmental protection -- raw materials non-toxic, non-corrosion, the use of ****** construction technology, the production process is very low energy consumption, aggregate for various colors of small stones, gravel after screening;
2, beautiful and generous - fully reflect the rich natural visual effects of natural stone, you can also use colored stones for color matching, as well as a variety of parquet design, making the road decoration effect beautiful;
3, convenient construction - similar to the traditional concrete construction method, with stronger adhesion to the foundation;