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Ceramic pavement
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Main performance
1) Bond strength of resin
The binder should have sufficient bonding strength, not only to bond firmly with the base material concrete or asphalt, but also to have very good bonding with the colored ceramic particles (resin can not ****** wrap the color particles).。
2) Curing and drying speed
Color pavement construction can not be closed for a long time, the construction period is required to be short, the adhesive must dry quickly, and it must have a suitable use period to facilitate the construction operation。
3) Strength rising speed
After the construction of the colored pavement is completed, it is usually open to traffic very soon to reduce the time of closing the road and affecting traffic, which requires the strength of the binder to meet the requirements of use in a short time。
4) Impact toughness
The vibration of the vehicle driving and the slight deformation of the road surface require that the bond cannot be a brittle material, otherwise it is easy to crack and burst and fall off。
5) Outdoor weather resistance
The color pavement is located outdoors, and the material is required to have good corrosion resistance and weather resistance and temperature difference, otherwise the material will age and lose the original good and benign, reducing the service life of the color pavement。
Epoxy polyurethane adhesive, in addition to the superior comprehensive properties of epoxy resin, mainly for the early strength of the resin curing at room temperature, improve the anti-ultraviolet performance of the modification treatment。
Main feature 
Color pavement is the most suitable and fast construction method, durable, non-slip, and the color ****** unity
1) Construction characteristics
Spread the adhesive, spray colored particles, collect excess particles - continuously and synchronously。
The road temperature is 25℃, the road solidification time is 2 hours, and the traffic recovery time is 4 hours。
2) Material characteristics
Special two-component resin adhesive, strong adhesion to the substrate and color particles。
Special high temperature sintering color particles, high hardness is not easy to wear, the whole body color will not fade。
3) Pavement characteristics
Easy to lay on the cement, asphalt road surface, no need to change the road structure, easy to renovate the old road surface。
It can be constructed quickly and easily, the road closure construction time is short, and the required construction site and the road closure range are small。
Good low temperature resistance, conducive to use in cold areas。Excellent thermal aging performance and high temperature stability。
Thin thickness, will not reduce the tunnel clearance height。Light weight, will not increase the load of the bridge。
Construction technology 
Color anti-slip pavement is a new road beautification technology, which can make the traditional black asphalt concrete and gray cement concrete pavement, through the color construction to achieve the road color pleasing to the eye, and at the same time have the anti-slip effect。
Preparation for construction
1). Ensure that the construction road surface is smooth, clean and free of any pollutants and road diseases;
2). Remove road dust and obstacles;
3). Suitable filling materials can be used to repair deep potholes or small holes (empty);
4). Use appropriate cleaning agent to clean up oil or dirt on the road surface, then rinse with water, wait for ****** dry before construction;
5). Before construction, it is necessary to ensure that the road is dry, and the wet road can be dried by hot compressed air machine, especially in the winter environment, the road surface must be heated and the resin condensation must be accelerated;
6). At the work area, seal the edges with kraft tape or tape, then measure the area of the work area to calculate the amount of resin used;
7). The road ****** construction temperature is between 15-35℃。
8). The newly paved asphalt pavement should be opened to traffic for at least 6 weeks before the construction of color anti-slip pavement。
Sequence of construction
(Manual construction method)
1, after the completion of pavement construction
2, set the marking road cleaning
3. Draw the reference line according to the design drawing requirements
4, pay-off positioning
5. Construction shall be carried out after inspection by the supervision engineer
6. Surface treatment and cleaning
7, the surrounding tape
8, use special tools to evenly spread epoxy resin cementing agent on the road surface that needs color;
9, according to the design requirements to spread color non-slip aggregate;
10. Recycle excess color aggregate。
1, can be firmly bonded on asphalt concrete, cement concrete, gravel, metal and wood surface。
2, tensile, elastic, ductility, not easy to catalyze, loose。The performance remains excellent at ****** temperature。
3, good water resistance。****** The original asphalt or cement concrete pavement is isolated from water, enhancing the rutting resistance of the pavement, preventing pavement cracking and extending the service life of the road。
4, high anti-skid performance。Anti-slip value is not less than 70, rainy days, reduce splashing, shorten the braking distance of more than 45%, reduce the skid phenomenon of 75%。5, strong wear resistance, long service life。
6, bright color, with good visual effect, enhance the warning。
7, convenient construction, basically not affected by environmental factors。
Construction method
1, after arriving at the scene, first consider the width of the road, traffic and other factors, make full use of signs, traffic cones, road barriers and other safety facilities。According to the advancement of line marking construction, the site construction lot should be well managed to ****** construction safety;
2, the pavement surface should be clean and dry, no loose particles, dust, asphalt, oil or other harmful substances;
3. Measure according to the requirements of the design drawings, draw the reference line, lay out the positioning, and carry out the construction after the approval of the supervision engineer;
4, in order to ensure the quality of marking construction, the paint used is made of products that meet technical standards;
5, paint use precautions according to the "technical instructions" operation;
6, the construction adopts manual construction method (see "Line marking construction Sequence");
7. The width of the marking line, the length and interval of the dotted line, and the interval of the double marking line shall be handled according to the "Road Traffic Signs and Marking" (GB5768-1999) and the requirements of the owner;
8. All marking lines shall be smooth, straight, smooth, uniform and beautiful in appearance, and the thickness of the paint film shall meet the requirements of the drawing;
9, defective, construction size is not correct or wrong location of the marking should be removed, the road should be repaired, materials should be updated and approved by the supervision engineer to redraw;
10, the construction should be carried out during the day, rainy days, when the temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius, the construction should be temporarily stopped;
11, marking construction should have traffic safety measures, set up enough warning signs, signals and traffic signs and other protective and inductive facilities;
12. Prevent vehicles and pedestrians from passing in the material area before the material hardens, and protect the road marking from any damage。
ETC color lane non-slip and dirt resistant pavement
Special resin and various kinds of special aggregates and auxiliaries are used in highway toll gates, bus lanes, danger warning sections, road curves, landscaping areas, etc。It has the comprehensive effect of anti-slip, warning, anti-fouling and easy washing, concrete pavement protection, etc。