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  The word "sincerity" as the head, with "sincerity" treatment。Honesty is seeking truth from facts。Based on their own reality, not ambitious, but also focus on lofty goals, solid, step by step, market-oriented, research the market;No talk, no form, down-to-earth, honest work, sincere dedication。
  Sincerity is sincerity。Sincere to customers, with excellent products to meet customer needs, solve customer problems, wholeheartedly serve customers;Sincere to colleagues, no suspicion, mutual trust, active communication, sincere cooperation。 
  Honesty is loyalty and dedication。Integrity, honesty as a virtue, incorruptible self-discipline;Actively integrate into the organization, respect and adhere to the fine tradition and work system of the company;To support the mission and objectives of the enterprise with firm actions, obey the overall situation。 
  Credit and good faith are the foundation。 
  Keep faith with customers, ensure quality and considerate service; 
  Keep faith with the post, love the job, fulfill their duties, the courage to innovate; 
  Keep faith with the enterprise, abide by the rules and discipline, standard and efficient, self-denial and public service; 
  Keep faith with society, save resources, develop intensively and be environmentally friendly; 
  Be trustworthy to the country, love the motherland, contribute to the community。 
     "One minute of life, sixty seconds of responsibility."。 
  Use enthusiasm to interpret faith, use action to practice faith。 
  Legitimate and lawful operation。 
  Operation according to law,Law-abiding management,Strictly abide by national laws and regulations and relevant policies to carry out production and business activities;Vigorously respond to the guidance and call for national industrial development,Actively promote the development of city-friendly green industries;Solidarity and cooperation,Honest and trustworthy,Promote fair competition,Oppose the use of improper means to harm the interests of peers and customers;Standardized management,Ensure the quality of products and services,We will strictly strengthen the management of all aspects of product import, production, sales and storage。 
  Strive for everything ******。 
  To build ****** products, ****** services, ****** brand, ****** reputation;Internally to create the culture of the * * * * * *, * * * * * * team, the management of * * * * * *, sets up the * * * * * *, benchmarking enterprise image。